Can You Keep A Secret?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Can you keep a secret
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Have you ever had to keep a secret of great magnitude and couldn't tell anyone?

Have you ever had to walk around trying to stop yourself from smiling in case anyone would notice?

Have you ever had to feign innocence when your friends and colleagues confronted you about something you just can't share with them- yet?

If you said YES to any of these then you have an idea what it's been like for us for the last 3 months.

We were about ready to explode!

Before we tell you exactly what our secret was, let's backtrack a bit and follow the clues we've been leaving behind to let you know what we were up to:

SE Asia on a shoestring

Back in September, we had bought a book together. Not just a book but THE BOOK.  The book that got both of us talking and bonding over the same inexplicable need. The book that intensified our drive to realize a dream...a passion. When we bought the book, we weren't just talking anymore. We actually did something about it. Albeit in the form of a rather small and heavily discounted purchase.

Happy 3rd Monthsary Sole Sisters!
Photo Credit: RusselCP
The first real commitment we made was posted on The Sole Sisters Are Grabbing Seats. We told you about scoring some incredibly cheap tickets to Bali for July 2011. What we 'forgot' to tell you was that it was only one piece of the puzzle. The BIG picture would come together later.

After that  we were featured by the good-looking Riding Out the Economy boys here. If you'd read that post til the very end, we'd been hinting about something HUGE that's about to happen for us in the coming months. That time has finally arrived!

Then we came out with our celebratory 3 month post and ended it with the promise of BIG reveal in 2011! When we told you that it was gonna be earth-shattering, mind-numbing and Armageddon-like, we were not exaggerating. Not one bit.

Most recently, we started giving more direct clues by posting a countdown on our Facebook page. What countdown you say? Check out the If you know your ABCs... Album.

We even put our plans into pictures through our Vision Boards. That was very tricky of us, wasn't it?

How to Get Exactly What You Want in 2011

And to top it off, we added a little giveaway at the bottom of this blog. A countdown timer!

Bet you didn't notice that now did ya? You must be slapping your forehead by now. How could you have been so dense? The clues were all over the place!

Yes, it was very difficult for us to keep a secret this BIG. We got tired of the whispering and the scheming and the unavoidable slips (Ooops!). When all we wanted to do was shout to the world:


We'll let that sink in for a few minutes...

We have done the unimaginable. We turned our backs on a cushy job, steady paychecks and great colleagues. We have given up the comfort and stability of our 'normal' lives to go on a Great AdventureAnd we guarantee this is gonna be wilder than the theme park ride!


Nancy's shoes
Goodbye pretty shoes!
Photo Credit: Greatluckyland
Lois is giving up her platform heels and putting on her new hiking boots because come Feb 6 she will be off to Incredible India. After a month of desert safaris, elephant rides and gastronomic adventures (possibly horrors), we can cross #25 off our list. That means her So Called 2 Suitcase Life is down to a 1 backpack one.

Chichi will be saying buh-bye to her cute 'fasyon' clothes to live in backpacker's uniform of hippie pants, slippers and tank tops - err scratch that. No doubt she will somehow find a way to let her chic self shine through.

We will be meeting up in Singapore by early March to start our Southeast Asian jaunt. We'll post the itinerary soon so stay tuned for that.

So now that you know our secret, do you think you can keep it? Do you think you can keep something this BIG to yourselves?

We know you can't! So you might as well spread the word. Do us a favor and share our secret with others. Post it on facebook, repost it on your blogs and walls, Retweet it, Digg it, Stumbleupon it and even just plain old-fashioned tell your friends about it. We'd love that!

See you on the road,
Sole Sisters Lois and Chichi

Can You Keep A Secret? is only our first post about our upcoming Great Adventure. Next stop, we'll tell you why in the world we ditched out jobs and our comfortable lifestyle to travel. We'll also be posting our planned itinerary soon so we can meet up with you on the road.

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9 sole trails

  1. Awesome blog ladies! Good job taking the next step to pursuing your travel dreams. I definitely would like to hear more about India. Is Lois thinking of staying in an ashram?

  2. Well I guess Im late on the secret so it not a secret anymore and I wont tell anymore people than I've already told. Great site ladies and I look forward to following your 30 before 30 list.

  3.  Thanks Grace! Check out Lois' India series to find out if she made it to an ashram...

  4.  Go ahead and tell people Kirk (blue green is an awesome color btw), we'd loveo that! We will be updating our 30 before 30 list in the next coming months, watch out for that ;p

  5. Wish I could just drop everything like you guys did........soon.

  6. hi sole sistah! i've been wanting to do this too.. i slipped about this to my boss before and she advised me that it would be difficult for me to have a nice-paying job after the great escape.. i was thinking 6 mos of wandering..this is too embarrassing to ask but do you guys went back to office work or u're both starting business already? how am i gonna be after travel since i would be really be pretty broke..

  7. Hi lois and chichi, i know were of same wavelenght love to travel, we did the same last year June 02-21,2011 my brother son
    (8yo) and I went on travel to 7 countries (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand ,
    Lao, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia) and we only spend $1,100 *
    43.10 plus promo fare inc.phtax (=p=14358.00), so we roughly spend
    61,768.00 as in all for the 3 of us ,with pasalubong na. I travel w/o
    the aid of a tour guide. Just recently my son and i went to hongkong and
    macau for total (inc. shopping) of 22k 9 days stay in hkg and mfm.

  8. two words... I'M JEALOUS!
    this site just became one of my instant faves, now there's more reason to stalk you ladies!
    can't wait to read about your southeast asian adventures!
    i'm glad someone else is fulfilling my dream (quittheeffineighthourjobandtraveltheworld)- props to you both!
    and yes! i'm spreading the word! ♥ twitter, facebook, blogspot, and office spam?!.. lol

  9. Oh man! I quit my job EXACTLY ONE YEAR FROM NOW!!! I am so excited! I can't wait to get going!! Love your site


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