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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why Travel Flip of Flipnomad.com?


He just goes by the name of Flip Nomad. No name, no pictures of himself (we're sure Flip is a HE though), no address. He really is a nomad through and through.

It's hard enough to stand out in the internet world even with photographs and sharing all the little details that make you unique. It's  a million times harder to engage a reader when you're anonymous. Only a handful of bloggers have been successful at doing that, like Dave of The Longest Way Home. Flip surely is part of this group, too.

We were intrigued with the man behind this popular blog that's a one-stop shop for any Filipino backpacker. So we asked Flip why he travels:

A few years ago, I travel primarily to see places and stuff that I used to see on TV and in my school books. But after travelling for some time, it changed. I still like seeing monuments and famous structures, but more than that, travel has now become part of my life.

Travel is also the main focus in all of my decisions in life. I work so I could travel. I quit my job so I could travel. I'm trying to be a freelancer so I could travel more.

The experiences that I get from travelling and the conversations that I had with people I met on the road are priceless and incomparable to anything.

I travel to feel I'm alive.

'The simple birthday trip became a life changing event. It became the birth of the crazy nomadic personality in me. I came back to the Philippines after that, left again, came back and now, saving up to leave again. I finally understood, I belong to the road. The destination is just my excuse to keep on moving. '

Read more adventures, travel tips and begginer's guide to backpacking at http://www.flipnomad.com/

Why Travel Wednesdays is a weekly series we're running. We're featuring fellow travelers and asking them the question: Why do you travel? Perhaps it will encourage more of us to walk the road less traveled and wrap our arms around the world one trip at a time! Next week, we're excted to feature a Filipina backpacker/super mom Gay of Pinaytraveljunkie.com.

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5 sole trails

  1. thanks for the feature... and if you're thinking of moving to wordpress... go for it... much much better... still not yet done with the transfer though but love the entire experience with wordpress...

  2. Flip! magpakita ka ng mukha! lol. hehe. yeah, i agree. mas flexible ang Wordpress :D

  3. Onga Flip! Hinanap ka namin sa Christmas Party pero di ka nagpakita. Na curious tuloy si Chichi what you look like.

  4. one of my fave pinoy bloggers, its like you are transported to another place and you feel alive when you read his posts, especially yung india post.

  5. Basahin ko nga rin yung sa India. Para may matutunan ako ;-)


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