How to Get Exactly What You Want This Year

Friday, January 07, 2011

Attainable by earthandskye
Dreaming of a new car, round the world tickets, or finally meeting the person of your dreams?

How do you make it happen in 2011?

Ever since I read The Secret 3 years ago, I've started a small project at the beginning of the year.

Creating a Vision Board.

A Vision Board is a simple but powerful tool to activate the Universal Laws of Attraction. Since I started doing this, I've been able to accomplish a lot of goals: Travel abroad, live in the US and in Europe, buy my first Nikon DSLR camera among other things.

How does it work?

You begin with writing down a list of things you want to manifest in 2011. Then look for pictures that represent these goals and dreams. Find colorful pictures that send out positive vibes and get you motivated enough to start acting on them.

Put those photos and words together to make a collage. It may be a physical collage using a cork board. In our case, we're creating a digital version so we can share it with you. Make sure you place your vision board somewhere you can see it everyday. In order for it to work, you have to believe you can make these dreams into reality. Better yet. imagine that you have these things in your life NOW.

I've coerced Sole Sister Chichi to create a vision board with me to jumpstart the year. So before I get all preachy and New-Agey on you, this is what Chichi wants to happen for 2011:

Chichi Vision Board 2011

Here's mine:

How to Get Exactly What You Want in 2011

Chichi and I are absolutely psyched for 2011!

What's in YOUR Vision Board for 2011? Share your ideas with the sole sisters by leaving a comment below. Better yet, post your own Vision Board on our Facebook page.

Sole Sister Lois

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15 sole trails

  1. I wanna join your India trip, if you dont prefer going solo....

  2. Hi Sole Sisters Chichi and Lois! Wonderful idea! I'm stealing it and making one myself. Thank you for sharing! :)

  3. Hehehe my 2011's all about pushing it. So says my FB. We'll all be spectators of each others' adventures this year. Get those passports stamped to the last pages!

  4. Details of the India trip are still TBD Marky.. hehe pero okay yung Idea ah.. Collab. Magiging nomadic sole sisters!

  5. Hi Christine! Do share your vision board on our FB page. We would love to see it.

  6. Pushing it in 2011! I like that kitchengod. It's definitely a year for adventure and passports!

  7. I just have a picture of the books in my reading list in mine lol

  8. hahaha... I didn't realize you were such a bibliophile Nina, do share your reading list with us. I've just finished Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and rereading God of Small Things and in dire need of something fresh!

  9. i'll see you girls on the road :-)

  10. nung una, I was in denial about the book "The Secret" as I was more of a "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" type. but I can't deny that it does work. Been doing the same thing as well for three years now. Instead of a visionary board, I just jot them down on my planner. Let's attract the forces of the universe, positive forces, that is.

  11. I know right, Ed. I used to see The Secret as some New Age trend. But surprisingly it does work. And people have known this for so long.

    May the force be with you too Ed!

  12. Seriously, I have a picture lol

    It's mainly just books I've picked up or was given to me throughout the years that I never got around to reading -___-

  13. Will do! Been working on it for days! :)

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