Travel With-it Thursday: Music Heals My Sole

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Picture these scenarios:

1. You're patiently waiting for the local bus that you were told would be coming right around the corner in 5 minutes. Then 5 minutes turn to an hour, an hour turns to 4...there's still no bus in sight.

2. Camping in the airport to save on a night's accommodation.

Chichi checks in NAIA Terminal 3!
3. Traveling solo in a foreign country

4. Taking that 16-hour overnighter to get to your next destination in order to again save on one night's accommodation.

5. Your flight leaves without you so you wait 3 long hours for the next available one - which by the way cost you Php3,022 instead of the original 1 peso fare.

I know you've been in one (or all) of the situations I've mentioned above. What do they all have in common? They're all B-O-R-I-N-G! Although traveling is exciting and full of adventure, there are definite blah moments in between that time when you spent the night on a virgin island and the 10-hour bus ride to get there.

Inevitably, there would be a lull between those magic moments while on the road. 

How do you keep yourself from dying of boredom during these dull times?
Photo by Carl Custodio

Thank you, Steve!

The Ipod is probably this decade's greatest invention.  More important than Facebook or the discovery of teleportation, as far as the Sole Sisters are concerned.

Isn't it obvious that the Sole Sisters love music? From our 'Hello World' post on this site, where I admit to having a thing for the Brit, to the musical pun on the title of the perfect RTW dress article. And just recently, Lois' Battle of the Islands article bombarded you with musical references. (Bet you didn't realize that huh? Go ahead, take another peek.) Heck, even our blog name is a song title reference. (Train anyone?)

We just can't imagine traveling life without music...without our default on-the-go playlist on constant repeat in our Ipods. We share the top 5 most-played songs on on our Ipods:


Sole Sister Lois' Ultimate Top 5:

  - Waking Up in Vegas by Katy Perry
  - Chasing Pavements by Adele
  - Girl from Ipanema by Joao Gilberto
  - You and I by Ingrid Michaelson
  - Destiny by Zero 7

I listed my favorite songs along with the Sole Sisters' Top 5 travel essentials but let me share it again.. Although this could change in about a millisecond. Shush with the Britney song already, go create your own.
 Sole Sister Chichi's Ultimate Top 5:
- 'Drive' by Incubus
- 'Teardrop' by Massive Attack
- 'Im Into Something Good' by The Bird and The Bee
- 'Better Together' by Jack Johnson
- 'Break the Ice' by Britney Spears

It was tough choosing only 5 from the 342454546 songs I love, which ranges from Incubus, Katy Perry, the Beatles, Sevendust, Kenny G, Coldplay, James Morrisson, Disturbed, Hedkandi, Sade, Tiesto, Kylie Minogue, Pearl Jam to Beyonce. Random huh?

If you're like me who find it hard to narrow down the choices, here's a little help in choosing a travel-worthy kick-ass playlist. The cool folks over at Jet Packer give you the Ultimate Road Trip Playlist.

Aside from helping you fast-forward through those blah moments when traveling, your ipod also comes in handy during these iffy situations:

  • When you're trying to get some shut-eye on a long-haul flight. Just as you get to REM, the baby 2 rows away from you wails at the top of her effin' (bless her soul) lungs. Play Bob Marley's Don't Worry Be Happy while praying the mom gives the kid valium.
  • Helps in trying to avoid those pesky touts. Although nothing seems to deter them
  • Provides cover when you see that 'hey little lady' looks from the sleazy guy over on the next table. Although nothing seems to deter him. 
  • Drowning out that tacky 80s song that's playing overhead, Faithfully from Journey. I'm proud of you Arnel Pineda but shouldn't we have come up with a new song and left this one in the 80s?

Most importantly, music makes you dance. This Sole Sister loves absolutely nothing more than dancing. Except perhaps Britney Spears. I'm kidding.


What's on your playlist? I'm dying to hear about it!

Until next Thursday,
Sole Sister Chichi

Travel With-it Thursdays is a weekly series that features miracle products and travel essentials that every sole sister needs in her travel pack. Last Thursday, we shared the miracle product that says buh-bye to oiliness. Come back next Thursday, we'll share with you another backpack essential that is the ultimate manifestation of our Pinoy pride.

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15 sole trails

  1. too bad i really dont have a top 5, but now that you've mentioned it, maybe i'll start thinking of my top 5 to help me get through my next trip!

  2. Sole sis! I'm so glad you thanked Steve, instead of Bill! hahahaha

  3. Ice,let us know once you have your top 5. It's a tough decision!

  4. Salamat sole sis for warning me in advance. Big help! (does my sarcasm translate on blogger?)

    Good thing I caught that major booboo before i hit publish post! Or else Chichi=Catastrophic Fail!

  5. drift away by uncle kracker :-) di na updated playlist ko hehe... i also listen to audiobooks like new earth ni eckhart tolle and happiness at work yata yung title by the dalai lama

  6. Ayos! Akala ko ako lang yung into Tolle. I've been reading him starting 2 years ago. Galing din yung Power of Now.

  7. 1. I Got A Name - Jim Croce
    2. Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell
    3. Kapayapaan - Tropical Depression
    4. Sayaw Sa Bubog - The Jerks
    4. Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran - Asin

  8. i have tons of all time faves from my playlist. but im hooked with these current hits. (in no particular order) F**k You by Cee lo Green, club can't handle me by david guetta / flo rida, if we ever meet again by timbaland, raise your glass by pink, 2012 by jay sean... oo na hiphop! FINE!

  9. Hi Gay, love Tropical Depression too! Pinoy represent ;) I remember we did a presentation for Asin's Masdan Mo ang Kapaligiran back in elementary. Classic!

  10. Ron, our R&B hip-hop sole-dier boy! Play me anything from the genius Guetta and I will dance myself silly. Seriously love him!

  11. got to have Uncle Bob for those calm and beach-y situations! :D
    You may want to try Dishwalla's Nashville Skyline when you're inside a bus and looking out the window with the dark starting to creep. :D -- naging EMO ba? hehe

  12. Ed, i love Uncle Bob. Just listened to Nashville Skyline, another great Dishwalla song!

  13. Ed, i love Uncle Bob. Just listened to Nashville Skyline, another great Dishwalla song!

  14. 1. I Got A Name - Jim Croce
    2. Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell
    3. Kapayapaan - Tropical Depression
    4. Sayaw Sa Bubog - The Jerks
    4. Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran - Asin

  15. Don't Worry, Be Happy is Bobby McFerrin, circa 1988.  Not Marley.


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