The Sole Sisters' Gift to You!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Did you think we'd let the holidays pass without giving you a Christmas gift? Do you think we'd be that selfish and heartless? No way!

A card just won't do.
We figured that a postcard as a gift just wouldn't do for our insanely awesome and uber cool readers (yes, that's you!). So here's something way better...

The Sole Sisters and the Magic Potions shop are giving away 2 Summer Trio BB Cream and 2 Summer Teen BB Cream!!!

Sole Sister Chichi's miracle face product, the BB Cream, has been getting a lot of hype from our friends and readers. (If you missed it the first time, read all about how Chichi raves about the BB Cream.) It seems that most of our other Sole Sisters are also constantly battling with the oiliness-is-next-to-ugliness conundrum.

You could win the battle against oiliness by scoring your own BB Cream tube for FREE just by singing. Singing?!?

You read it right. You know how the Sole Sisters love anything and everything about music right? It soothes our sole and soul (geddit?). In fact, we always find a way to insert song lyrics into our posts. Sneaky, sneaky.  Spotting these song lyrics in our posts is the first step to winning. Here's the rest:

Step 1.
List 1 song title of some of the countless lyrics used on any of the Sole Sisters' 70 articles. (70 articles. Seriously?)  If you've been following us, I'm sure finding these lyrics would be as easy as cherry pie. Along with the song title, take note of the post title where you found the song lyrics.

Step 2.
Click on the Sole Sisters' Facebook page and LIKE us. Otherwise, it won't let you do the next and last step.

Step 3.
Leave a NOTE on our wall with the song and aticle title that you've listed from Step 1.

Just a few more things you need to know and you'll be on your way to saying buh-bye to oiliness.

Don't be like what's-her-name.
  • The contest will run for one whole week starting December 30 until January 6. Update: Contest extended until January 13!
  • 4 winners will be picked using a random generator application called Print 'n Pick. We print the entries, put everything in a hat, shake (dancing might or might not be involved) and draw from the lot. It may not be state-of-the-art but it works for us. Old school style, baby.
  • Contest is open to Sole Sisters living in the Philippines only.  Shipping concerns and all.
  • We'll notify the lucky winners by sending an email through Facebook.

So, what are you waiting for? Dig through our archives, pop open those song hits erm lyric sites and sing a note or two with us. Heck, why don't we sing the whole song while we're at it eh?

Do we know how to kick off 2011 with a bang or what? Yes, we know you love us. We love you too!

Good luck Sole Sisters!

Chichi and Lois

*Thank you Magic Potions team for allowing us to give more than just postcards and love to our readers.

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5 sole trails

  1. Sali ko dito. Gusto ko itry yang MagicPotion BB Cream!
    I acquired pimples after my SEA trip. Now those pimple marks appear in all my photos. Kalungkot!

  2. Gow Chyng! Search our archives and comment away ;) Good luck!

  3. AWW, sayang, gusto ko sana sumali. >.< kaso tapos na ung deadline o.o


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