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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why Travel James of Journeyingjames.com?

Why Travel Wednesdays: Journeying James
When I had youth I had no money; now I have the money I have no time; and when I get the time, if I ever do, I shall have no health to enjoy life.
- Louisa May Alcott

James Betia is an adventurer, backpacker and runner. He's been traveling around the Philippines and Southeast Asia since 2003 mostly on a budget. The Sole Sisters frequently turn to this guy for advice on cheap trips, challenging itineraries, and how to earn money while traveling. His blog is his way to encourage fellow Filipinos to discover the beauty of our own country even with minimal resources.

Here's why James travels:

I travel to commune with myself, nature and the Creator. As I enjoy the sun, the fresh air, the trees, the birds, I realize that there is Someone who created all of these. It would be much easier for me to reflect on God's goodness, the kindness of humankind and the simplicity and beauty of nature around us.

I travel because I want to learn- the culture, language, people, nature, food. I want to experience it first-hand. I want to encourage fellow Filipinos that traveling is not just for the rich and famous. That the world we live in is to be enjoyed for free.

More about Journeyingjames.com:
Wanna learn more about backpacking, traveling on a budget and going to hard-to-reach destinations? Then James is your guy. He's also been featured on a few publications and has grand dreams for 2011. You can also run with him on http://running.journeyingjames.com/

Why Travel Wednesdays is a weekly series we're running. We're featuring fellow travelers and asking them the question: Why do you travel? Perhaps it will encourage more of us to walk the road less traveled and wrap our arms around the world one trip at a time! Next week, we're excited to feature another Pinoy blogger tag team, Ron & Monette of http://www.fliptravels.com/

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6 sole trails

  1. James is one blogger that I look up to...

  2. Dami na natin! Galing niya! And he gives us great advice.

  3. Dami na natin! Galing niya! And he gives us great advice.

  4. "Dami na natin!" --clueless? ahahaha sinu-sino kayo? hahahaha ulit!
    anyway, thanks again for the feature lois and chichi. i really appreciate it. i think flipnomad will publish his interview with me this december. so excited!

  5. James ur a saviour so to speak...thanks sa mga tidbits of ideas about traveling on budget.....post more.

  6. thanks for the recommendation..now im following him too!


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