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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why Travel, Dave of The Longest Way Home?

Dave has been on the road for 5 years 10 months 10 days in his quest to find a home. He has travelled overland through Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, China and finally...to the Philippines. You may remember Dave as one of the inspirations for Sole Sister Chichi's travels.

The Sole Sisters asked Dave why he travels. Here's why:

Necessary immigration! Millions of people all over the world don't like where they live. And, millions do their utmost to leave and move to a new place for a better life.

Most of these negative news stories fall under the Sub Sahara African trying to make it to Europe / USA. Or, the Asian getting on a boat to cross to Australia. I don't look at it as negative, but a necessity. And, why not? We've done it since the dawn of time: we migrate.

Most of the world's wildlife do this as well. They move with the seasons for better pastures, climate and life. People are no different as we too have searched the world for better places to live. This is the category I fall into. Only I am documenting it step-by-step.

If you lived in a land with little food, and knew of another country that had a lot, wouldn't you move? Likewise with jobs, health and living standards. If you grew up in a place like this or a place you didn't like, nor wanted to stay in, wouldn't you move? I did.

Today travel blogs talk of breaking free of the cubicle and traveling the world. I've taken this one step further and lived the cubicle life for the sole purpose of saving and sacrificing to break out. Only for me, there is no going back.

For 6 years I've traveled and lived in Africa, traveled overland from Portugal to China, and now traveled and lived in The Philippines. All the while searching ...

Travel allows me to venture to new lands like the original explorers thousands of years ago. We share a common bond; to find a place called home.

More about The Longest Way Home:
Dave flew from China to the Philippines and has been living here for more than 2 years. In his blog, he shares why he likes the Philippines, why he doesn't like it, why Filipinos love the mall so much, the meat called CDO and how to choose a Philippine island. Will he finally call the Philippines his home?

Why Travel Wednesdays is a weekly series we're running. We're featuring fellow travelers and asking them the question: Why do you travel? Perhaps it will encourage more of us to walk the road less traveled and wrap our arms around the world one trip at a time! Next week, we're excted to feature one of the top Pinay bloggers, Nina of http://justwandering.org/.

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