What's The Best Meal You've Had in Thailand?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Traditional

Everyone knows Thailand is the best country for delicious, spicy, cheap and can't-quite-get-over-it gastronomic goodness. It's been months since my last trip but I still have dreams about the yummy street food on Khao San Road. I'm practically salivating as I write this post! 

Since I've been back, friends have been asking me what was the best meal I had in Thailand. I've only been there twice, but the food itself is enough to make me go back. (Do I hear Songkran 2011?) So here are some memorable food I've had in Thailand starting with:

The Traditional

1 Fish in sweet and sour sauce at a restaurant in Ayutthaya Where The Monks Came to Dine.
2 Street sushi for 15 THB, anyone?
3 Pad Thai (Thai version of pancit with noodles and shrimp usually) from a posh resort and
4 Pad Thai from a street hawker. Same delicious taste. About 210THB difference!
5 One of the cheapest complete meal everywhere: fried rice. This was the seafood version from a roadside resto on the many bus stops back to Bangkok from Koh Samui
6 Squid in oyster sauce. I had this at the Rich Resort in Koh Samui.

Som Tam

Delicious Som Tam (papaya salad with vinegar and fish sauce) from a street Market in Chiang Mai, northern part of Thailand.

The Spicy

Kay Soy

Kaw Soy (chicken and noodle in curry soup) with assorted chilis, spices and brown sugar to counter the spiciness. Warning: Too much of this can make your lips plumper than Angelina Jolie's!

Tom Yum Kai

1 Tom Yum Kai (spicy chicken soup) at a farang (foreigner) restaurant in Koh Pangan. I thought it would be mildly spicy because there were a lot of foreigners eating there. But it was authentic alright! See all that chili oil on the surface?
2 Beef curry at the wet market. The local selling this stuff had warned me: It's not for you, too spicy! But did I listen? 'Course not! I managed a few bites until I had to drink a bottle of cold water in one gulp and give up.
3 The veggies, spices and chilis that go with Pad Thai.

The Sweet

The Sweet

1 Why can't fruits sold on the streets of Manila look this enticing? Papaya, melon, avocado, mango and pineapple on Khao San Road. They cut up your fruit in pretty pieces, put it in a clear plastic bag and include a stick so you can eat it while walking.
2 Dragon fruit, melon and pineapple from a restaurant in Ayutthaya Where The Monks Came to Dine.
3 Candy at a wet market in Koh Samui.
4 Sago? Not sure what these where but they looked like colorful flour balls in sauce. I wish I tried it but the little green balls looked too much like fish eyes.
5 Buchi! Rice balls with sesame seeds and often with a sweet surprise in the middle.

The Best Meals I've Tasted (Thus Far)

The best thing about dining in Thailand is that you don't have to spend a fortune just to eat well. And you never know what those little hole in the walls can offer unless you have the guts to try. So trust your nose, follow the locals and you'll be delighted! Even Adventurous Kate agrees! The best food I had on my recent trip were all discovered on the last day I was there. In the morning, I walked around Khao San Road while waiting for the bus to go to the Floating Market. I chanced upon a small fruit market and a cafe in front of it. Fruits in muesli and yogurt for 20 THB, the menu said. Plus kopi ice for 10THB. Cheap breakfast! I can eat this everyday.

Fresh Fruits in Yogurt and Muesli

For lunch, I saw a small canteen at the bus station in Taling Chan in Bangkok. They had several dishes but the menu outside caught my eye: Roasted duck for 50THB. Duck? For that price? I had to try this. So I used what little Thai words I knew to order. I almost ended up with 'dog' because the guy at the counter didn't understand my accent. But after much finger pointing and laughing, I ended up with this delicious roasted duck in spicy sauce with salted egg salad plus a Gracella drink (not sure what this was) that came with it:

Roasted Duck on Spicy Sauce with Salted Egg Salted

The evening before my flight, I was back on Khao San. I was on a mission: to find the best sticky rice with mango. Here's what I got:

Sticky Rice with Mango

The rice was suman-sticky,the mangoes,sweet and juicy and coconut sauce just put the whole thing together. Not bad for 15THB!

What's the Best Meal You've Had in Thailand? Leave a comment and share your foodie discoveries with the Sole Sisters!

Until the next gastronomic adventure,
Sole Sister Lois

What's the Best Meal You've Had in Thailand? is second to the last of the Thailand series. I'll be posting photos from  the Damnoen Saduak floating 'tourist trap' next.

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7 sole trails

  1. Sicky rice with mango!! Deep fried chicken from the night market, Tom Yum Soup with giant shrimp!

  2. Wow! Great list Thomas. Shall I see you in Thailand maye next year?

  3. Hi! cool blog! can't get enough of Thailand too!
    Been there a couple of times but my last visit (October 2010) was kinda disastrous! Love Thai food! But the seafood in Chatuchak got me! Ending up at the hospital for travelers diarrhea or
    food poisoning :( But still wanna go back!

    Hope to meet you sole sisters! :)

  4. Thanks for dropping by Ging! That's too bad about your getting sick while traveling. That also happened to me in Palawan and it was disastrous as you've said.

    Same for me, I keep going back to Thailand. I guess next year I'm going again. Hopefully with sole sister Chichi this time...

    We hope to meet you as well! We like to meet new people on our travels.

  5. Pad Thai!!! I had it everyday, everywhere just to try how different a 45THB Pad Thai is from a 300THB one. The cheaper one turned out better! I loved the one from the humble food hawker center at the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 1.

  6. Now I'm hungry!

    Got to go back in Thailand soon enough I hope.  

  7. just like Jonna B i love Pad Thai!!!


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