Why Travel, Sole Sister Lois?

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While I was living in Switzerland over a year ago as I shared here, a neighbor I met through couchsurfing invited me to go on a day trip with other couchsurfers. Little did I know that 'day trip' for Europeans meant climbing a mountain: 6,240 feet of steep ridges and rocky trails. I had never climbed a mountain before. And I would be doing it with people I had met for the first time!

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So there I was, with Thomas from Austria, Jason from California and Emil from Germany. We drove south from Zurich to Grosser Mythen which was a range of mountains that served as a hiking trail in the summertime. I lagged behind and huffed and puffed my way to the summit. But the 6 hour climb was absolutely worth it. We were rewarded by a fantastic view of the mountains and lakes of Switzerland.Upon reaching the top, we just sat there for a few minutes, speechless. The feeling of awe was pretty much universal.

That experience reminds me why I travel. Because I want to keep on experiencing awe. I want to be perpetually amazed. And the bonus is being able to share that with other, equally awe-seeking individuals.

Until the next trip,
Sole Sister Lois

Why do YOU travel?

Why Travel Wednesdays is a weekly series we're running. We're featuring fellow travelers and asking them the question: Why do you travel? Perhaps it will encourage more of us to walk the road less traveled and wrap our arms around the world one trip at a time! On the next Why Travel Wednesday, Sole Sister Chichi will answer this question and share the joys of travel with us.

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  1. estan says:

    good idea for Why Travel Wednesday. Travel just keeps me going, clears my mind and satisfies my curiosity of the world :)

  2. Lois says:

    Thanks for your comment estan! Yes, we want to be inspired and learn from other travelers that's why we're starting this series. Hoping more Filipinos will embrace traveling as well.

  3. Lois says:

    Hi neighbor! I miss you too. I'll see you soon in the Philippines okay? Let's take some trips together.

  4. ChiChi says:

    'I want to be perpetually amazed.' No truer words have been written. I'm glad we found a sole sister in each other, Lois. Let's continue to seek for awesomeness together!

  5. Lois says:

    Hi neighbor! I miss you too. I'll see you soon in the Philippines okay? Let's take some trips together.

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