Travel Snapshots: 5 Things That Made Me Go AHHHHH in Ah-mazing Thailand

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Back in April of this year, I was in Thailand for the Songkran water festival in Chiang Mai. Less than 5 months later, these itchy soles are back again with new places to explore. This time, I explored Bangkok and the island of Koh Samui for a 9-day trip. Why do I keep coming back? Check out the things that made me go AHHHHH in Ah-mazing Thailand:

1 The Food

I'll sum it up in 3 words: delicious, cheap and spicy! This is just a quick bite.I'm posting more photos of food in a separate entry. Great food was in abundance and that warrants its own post.

Thailand Food 1
Thailand Food 2

2 Temples in Ayutthaya- We took a day tour to Ayutthaya on our 3rd day in Thailand. It was pretty enjoyable to learn about the culture, religion and history of this former capital. But for future temple hopping reference, I would much rather rent a bike (or a motorbike) to go around. That way, I can discover the place on my own, go at my own pace and not have an impatient tour guide waiting while I snap a thousand photos! Just a few for now, posting so much more in the coming weeks.

Ayyuthaya 1

Ayyuthaya 2

Ayyuthaya 3

3 Full Moon Party

What a crazy experience! Buckets filled with booze, dancing on the beach til sunrise, partying with 10,000 people. Things can easily get out of hand. More photos to come from the party island of Koh Pangan!

Koh Pangan Full Moon Party 1

Koh Pangan Full Moon Party 2

Koh Pangan Full Moon Party 3

Koh Pangan Full Moon Party 4

4 Transportation system

I was wowed by how reliable their transportation system was. It was so convenient to go from one place to the next. I was feeling like a local by riding the trains, buses and boats. Although, no tuktuks for me!

Bangkok Transportation 1

Bangkok Transportation 2

Bangkok Transportation 3

5 The pretty beaches

Koh Samui and Koh Pangan were in no way close to how fine or white the sand is in Calaguas or Boracay. But I had a great vacation on these party islands. Most of the time I just took photos, read travel books, chitchatted with locals over San Mig Light (yes it's pretty popular in Thailand) and swam. It wasn't tourist season so it was great to have most mornings to myself.

Koh Samui Beach 1

Koh Samui Beach 2

Koh Samui Beach 3

Want to add to the list? What makes Thailand oh so
AH-mazing for you? Leave me a comment.

I'll be sharing travel secrets and discoveries next on the Thailand series. How to make travel affordable? Watch out for Cheap Trips: 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Trip to Thailand

Until the next trip,
Sole Sister Lois

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  1. Great picture Lois, and thanks for sharing your travel tips. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Hi Kuya Russ, thanks for the compliment! That means a lot especially since it's from you. You really inspire the sole sisters and we are grateful for the learnings and the collab.

  3. As usual... great photos. Staring at the food, alone, is making me hungry. Maybe another thing that makes Thailand AAAHHH...ppealing is its proximity to other SE Asian countries ;-) Making it a great base if you want to see the whole region. Also, it's crazy how cheap almost everything is. More 'bang for the hard-earned buck'! I see, that, you'll be tackling that subject on your next article. Kudos!

  4. Hey there pishy. thanks for the boost. Good points you have there. Thailand is the first country I've visited in SE Asia (besides the PI) so I have yet to explore and appreciate its proximity to other countries/regions. I do agree that you can do most trips overland from Thailand to other countries as several friends of mine have gone that route. And yes, Thailand is cheap compared to the Philippines and other SE Asian countries from what I've heard. Stay tuned for the next article on budget trips. I'm sure you have plenty to add ;-)

  5. Great picture Lois, and thanks for sharing your travel tips. Looking forward to the next one.


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