After my Sole Sister Chichi agreed to to take on my challenge,
I'm compelled to counter it with a challenge of my own.

The Challenge

Lois will be traveling to Thailand from Sept 18-26 on an extreme backpacking budget. She will be spending 4 days in Bangkok and 5 days in Koh Samui. She will be allowed to spend on 8, 000PHP* (178USD) for the entire trip. This includes transportation costs, meals, hotel/guesthouse bookings, tours and entertainment (wink wink).

To top it off, :Lois has already booked her hotel stay in Bangkok for 3 nights at 1890PHP (42USD) and Ayutthaya Day Tour for 1785.87PHP (40USD) months ago, before agreeing to this challenge. Upon the insistence of Chichi, Lois will include these costs into the 8K budget.

Pretty hardcore right?  So.. did I just set myself up for failure?
We'll find out soon enough.  Few days to go..

*8, 000PHP does not include airfare from Manila to Bangkok and back.

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  1. bex says:

    Wow! Good luck! I'm sure it's possible but there's not a chance I could manage on that tight budget. Have fun!

  2. Paul says:

    lupet! goodluck, lois ann. kayang-kaya yan! :-D

  3. Lois says:

    Thanks bex! I'm pretty confident it can be done. I just have to remember it's still a vacation haha.

    Thanks Paulie! Details soon! Miss you already!

  4. nina says:

    Hey Lois! Ang lupit nga ng 8K! Di ko kakayanin yan. Bangkok palang patay na ko (shopaholic kasi!)

    Good luck on the challenge, and who knows, we might bump into each other ;)

  5. Lois says:

    Hey Nina, thanks for your comment! It's my 2nd trip to Thailand and my former shopaholic self has not been awakened so far. Here's to hoping things stay that way...

    It helps that I will be staying in Koh Samui with another Aussie CSer whom I met in Wurzburg, Germany last year (through another CSer, wouldn't you know).

    I'm sure we'll run into each other, if we haven't yet! I'll look you up on CS ;-)

  6. ChiChi says:

    You can do this, sole sister!

  7. this is one nice challenge! you can do it.

  8. Hi James, my sole sister Lois will be back next week. I'm confident she can do it ;)

  9. Lois says:

    Thanks for all the support you guys! Just got back and will be posting results in the next few days. Watch out for that!

  10. this is one nice challenge! you can do it.

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